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GMP Peptides

GMP peptides from AAPPTec are prepared utilizing the highest quality resins, reagents and amino acid derivatives in accordance to current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) to produce high purity, high quality GMP peptides economically.  A strong quality assurance system in combination with rigorous analytical testing throughout GMP peptide production assures reliable, consistent, ultra-pure peptides.


AAPPTec can perform GMP peptide synthesis in scales from hundreds of milligrams to multi-kilograms. Our GMP peptide production facilities utilize our sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment for small (Focus XC and Apex 396) or large scale solid-phase peptide synthesis (P4-400), modern preparative HPLC equipment that can purify peptides on any scale from milligrams to kilograms, and large capacity lyophilizers.  We have the experience and facilities to scale up GMP peptide production from research scale to commercial scale. 

We will strive to be your main GMP peptide supplier.  AAPPTec is your partner for success.