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Focus XC Parts

Part Number Description
320071011L Safety Coated Bottle
320081012L Safety Coated Bottle
320072015L Safety Coated Bottle
102256011/2L Safety Coated Bottle
10073101Stainless Steel Filter
10073202Glass Filter
10072701Filter Cones (Requires 10072601)
10072601Filter Caps (Requires 10072701)
10008901Reaction Vessel Gaskets
10014203Side Arm Fitting
10014301TFE Nut, 1/8″ Tube
10014401Gripper, Grab Seal, 1/8″ Tube
10014501Ferrule, 1/8″ Tube
10606901Fuse, 2×6.3 Amp Type T, 240V
10609501Fuse, 2×10 Amp Type T, 120V