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Fmoc-Met(O)-OH [76265-70-8]


Catalog #: ALM103

CAS #: 76265-70-8

Formula: C20H21NO5S

M.W.: 387.5









Fmoc-Met(O)-OH may be used in place of Fmoc-Met-OH in solid phase peptide synthesis.  It is utilized mostly when signifcant percentages of methionine residues in peptides become oxidized during synthesis and purification.  In such instances, replacing Met with Met(O) produces a uniform peptide product that may be purifed more easily.  After purification, the methionine sulfoxide residues can be reduced to methione (Technical Bulletin 1153) and thus produce the desired peptide.

Methionine oxidation occurs naturally in proteins.  Generally this results in deactivation of the protein, but in a few instances, oxidation of methionine resiues to methionine sulfoxide activates the protein (A Drazic, J Winter, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2014, January 10, Epublished ahead of print).  Within living organisms, methionine sulfoxide reductases catalyze the reduction of methionine sulfoxide residues to methionine.


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