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Fmoc-Amino Acid Wang Resins

Fmoc-Amino Acid Wang resins are commonly utilized in solid phase peptide synthesis to produce peptide acids. Completed peptides can be cleaved from Fmoc-Amino Acid Wang Resins with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA).  Typically, this also removes all sidechain protection groups as well, resulting in a fully deprotected peptide product.

Racemization of the Fmoc-amino acid is a significant problem in preparing Fmoc-amino acid Wang resins.  AAPPTec resins are carefully prepared utilizing processes that minimize or completely eliminate racemization.

Fmoc-amino acid Wang resins from AAPPTec are available in 100-200 mesh beads with 1% DVB (divinylbenzene) crosslinking.  The Fmoc-amino acid substitution is between 0.4 mmol/g and 0.8 mmol/g.  For other substitutions, mesh sizes or crosslinking, email AAPPTec at

Fmoc-Amino Acid Wang resins are available in bulk quantities. E-mail AAPPTec at for a quotation on larger quantities or use the On-Line Quote Request.

FmocAA-Wang Resin