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DAC Columns

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) Columns

DAC stands for dynamic axial compression. Dynamic axial compression technology provides a simple, user-friendly method for packing preparative scale chromatography columns.    The DAC system allows for fast column packing of virtually any kind of packing material.  The DAC system enables optimum column efficiency and linear scalability from laboratory scale to industrial scale due to superb packing and controlled fluid distribution.

The column includes a movable piston attached to a hydraulic jack.  The piston is used to pack the column and keeps the stationary phase under dynamic (and adjustable) compression thus ensuring the highest efficiency and bed stability at any scale.  The piston will prevent mechanical degradation and bed compression is maintained constant, independent of swelling or shrinking of the bed.  If the solvent conditions are such that particle swelling takes place, for example, then the piston will automatically let the bed expand to maintain constant compression.


AAPPTec-PACK DAC can be packed with small particulate media (10 um less) so as to reach high levels of performance. For columns from 50mm to 300mm internal diameter, the column efficiency can reach up to 50,000 theoretical plates per meter. This requires an excellent distribution. Our engineers have designed an innovative distributing groove at the column ends and designed efficient solvent distribution systems to obtain optimum number of theoretical plates. For better control of the chromatographic conditions, DAC columns can be coated with a temperature jacket and/or insulation.

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DAC Column