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Custom Peptide Synthesis Price

  1. Competitive Peptide Synthesis Prices
  2. High Quality Peptides
  3. Fast Delivery of Research Peptides


Competitive Prices

AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis prices are very competitive, starting at $3.50/residue to $4.50/residue for crude peptides.  Typical prices per residue are shown in the table below. Except for crude peptides, these prices include HPLC and MS analysis.

If HPLC and/or MS of crude peptides are required, there will be additional charges. Please keep in mind that the actual AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis price may vary, depending on the hydrophobicity and difficulty of the  peptide.

Modifications of the peptide, such as unusual amino acids, D-amino acids, tags, acetylation and cyclization, as well as PEG, or all other modifications will incur extra charges added to the custom peptide synthesis price.


Peptide Synthesis Prices

(estimated cost per residue)

The prices in the table are only estimates for typical peptides.  For an accurate quotation, please email for final price.  All custom peptides have a minimum order of $125.

AAPPTec guarantees to quote very competitive pricing.

For quote, complete our custom peptide quotation request form or e-mail with the following information:

A) Peptide sequence including any N and C terminus characteristics such as Ac, NH2, COOH, CONH2, etc.

B) Any modifications or special amino acid substitutions;

C) Exact quantity required, e.g., mg, grams;

D) % purity of peptide required – crude, 80%, 90%, 95%, or 98%

E) The type of peptide salt – TFA, HCl, or acetate salt.

High-Quality Peptides

In order to produce the correct sequence and high-quality peptide we analyze the sequence with our software and follow special protocols. AAPPTec uses multiple couplings, higher concentrations, more equivalents of activated amino acids, pseudoproline dipeptides, and Dmb amino acids,  which may increase the custom peptide synthesis price and quality of crude peptides.

AAPPTec chemists have considerable experience in producing custom peptides economically. Our custom peptide synthesis work started in 1983 when peptides were considered too costly and too difficult to produce. We were able to synthesize and deliver large quantities of peptide, according to Dr. Hossain Saneii, who was one of the founders of Peptides International at that time, and who went on to found Advanced ChemTech and AAPPTec.

­Fast Delivery of Research Peptides

AAPPTec strives to provide the fastest and safest delivery of your custom peptide order. We work with multiple shipping providers to get you the most expedient travel time and cost-efficient rates possible. You may also use your own shipping account with us.

AAPPTec custom peptides are provided as TFA salts.  The TFA can possibly produce toxic effects in living cells and organisms.  AAPPTec can exchange the TFA for more biologically benign salts such as acetate or HCl salts for small amount of peptide synthesis price.

AAPPTec combines exceptional quality and characterization with extremely competitive pricing, and they often deliver peptides even more pure than we requested. I strongly recommend their custom synthesis service to colleagues who don’t have the time, expertise, or equipment to make and characterize their own peptides.-A Researcher from University of Pennsylvania