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What Our Customers Say…

AAPPTec combines exceptional quality and characterization with extremely competitive pricing, and they often deliver peptides even more pure than we requested. I strongly recommend their custom synthesis service to colleagues who don’t have the time, expertise, or equipment to make and characterize their own peptides.

Dr. Jordan Miller

University of Pennsylvania

The Titan 357 machine has been a great addition and one of the most frequently used machines in my group. Since its arrival earlier this year, we have already made several peptide libraries and numerous individual peptides on it. The quality of peptides and peptide libraries has been good. All of my students love it, because they can now get more results with less work. The time saved will also allow them to think more about the chemistry going on inside the reactor. As the PI of the lab, it is nice to finally have “someone” working for me around the clock.

Dr. Dehua Pei

The Ohio State University

As the primary user, I have found the AAPPTec 396 robotic synthesizer to be a versatile machine for peptide synthesis. Using a 16-well reaction block, we have been preparing 30mers using Fmoc amino acids (0.1 mmole/per well) and DEPBT activation. Total reaction volume has been 5ml with 30 min coupling times. Amino acid and DEPBT solutions are 0.5 molar in NMP while DIEA is 1M in NMP. Deprotections are run using 20% piperidine in DMF for 12 min followed by multiple DMF resin washes. Post-coupling washes also use DMF. We have successfully prepared native glucagon using these conditions.

David Smiley

Indiana University

Great instrument; very efficient; very user friendly; excellent.

Dr. Malavosklish Bikram

University of Houston

Overall, the functions of the instrument are good and it is working in very good condition. You guys are very helpful. In fact, I would like for other companies to have people like AAPPTec.

Dr. Vicky Mody

University of Houston


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