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AAPPTec employs experts in the fields of peptide technology, laboratory instrumentation, antibodies, and combinatorial chemistry. Our expertise in these complementary fields translates into both premium quality products and cutting-edge innovation. AAPPTec recognizes that highly motivated and well-qualified employees are our most important asset. We strive to attract, retain and develop talented and committed people. AAPPTec offers equal opportunities for its employees and will not tolerate any discrimination.

We offer a competitive advantage through the excellent quality of our products, systems and services. Our goal is to form permanent relationships with our customers rather than gaining short-term successes. On the basis of these principles, we operate as an independent and growth-driven enterprise. The competence, motivation and performance of individuals and the team are key to the development and long-term success of our business. We expect a high level of performance from each other and reward this accordingly. Each of us at AAPPTec makes a personal contribution to the company’s entrepreneurial success through our mutual initiative, creativity and sense of responsibility.

We are proud of our work supporting pharmaceutical and life science research in its efforts to improve global health and compensate our employees accordingly.

AAPPTec is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions

1) Outside Sales Representative

2) Inside Sales Representative

3) Chemist

4) Engineer

All interested candidates can apply by e-mailing their resume to