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Core Resins and Unsubstituted Resins

Resins for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis - Unsubstituted Resins

Resins  for solid phase peptide synthesis typically fall into two categories: TFA-resistant resins used with Boc-amino acids and TFA-labile resins used with Fmoc-amino acids.  These can be further broken down into acid-forming resins (the peptide has a C-terminal COOH after cleavage) and amide-forming resins (the peptide has CONH2 at the C-terminal).  The TFA-labile resins can also be divided into labile and highly labile catagories. Highly acid labile resins are useful for preparing protected peptide segments utilized in segment coupling strategies.

TFA Labile Acid Forming Resins

Wang resin
HMPA-AM resin

TFA Labile Amide Forming Resin

Rink Amide Resin

Highly Acid Labile Acid Forming Resin

2-Chlorotrityl Chloride resin

Highly Acid Labile Amide Forming Resin

Sieber Amide resin

TFA Resistant Acid Forming Resins

Merrifield resin
Hydroxymethyl resin
PAM resin

TFA Resistant Amide Forming Resin

MBHA resin

Amide/Ester Forming Resin

Oxime Resin

Aldehyde Forming Resin

Weinreb Resin

Resins for Alcohols

2-Cl-Trt Chloride Resin

DHP HM Resin

Core Resins 

These are not used directly in solid phase peptide synthesis but can be derivatized with various resin linkers to form synthesis resins with a variety of properties.

Aminomethyl polystyrene

MBHA resin

Merrifield resin (Chloromethyl polystyrene)

Hydroxymethyl polystyrene


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