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Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH [47689-67-8]


Other Names: Boc-L-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH

Catalog #: ABY115

CAS #: 47689-67-8

Formula: C22H24BrNO7

M.W.: 494.3









Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH is a tyrosine derivative utilized in Boc SPPS.  The 2-Br-Z group is stable to the repeated acidic conditions used to remove Boc groups in peptide synthesis, so Boc-Tyr(2-Br-Z)-OH is often used when a tyrosine residue occurs early in the sequence of large peptides.  The 2-Br-Z group is removed with HF, TFMSA, or TMSOTf when the peptide is cleaved from the resin.  It can also be removed with piperidine in DMF.

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