Boc-Phe(4-CN)-OH [131724-45-3]

Catalog # : UBF119

CAS # : [131724-45-3]

Formula : C15H18N2O2

Product Details


Boc-Phe(4-CN)-OH is used to incorporate a 4-cyanophenylalanine (Phe(4-CN) residue.  Phe(4-CN) has been used as an IR probe to study the interaction of halothane with a model of and ion chanel protein (J Lui, J Strzalka, A Tronin, et al., Biophys. J. 2009, 96, 4176-87; H Zou, J Liu, JK Blasie, Biophys. J. 2009, 96, 4188-99).  Incorporated into islet amyloid poypeptide, Phe(4-CN) was used to monitor amyloid formation (P Cau, L-H Tu, A Abedini, et al., J. Molec. Biol. 2012, 421, 282-95).  Phe(4-CN) can be used as a fluorescence donor in FRET pairs with tyrptopham, 7-azatryptophan or 5-hydroxytryptophan (JGM Rogers, LG Lippert, F Gai, Anal. Biochem. 2010, 399, 182-0). 

Molecular Weight: 290.3


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Boc-Phe(4-CN)-OH - 5 g


Boc-Phe(4-CN)-OH - 25 g