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Boc-His(Dnp)-OH IPA [25024-53-7]

Nalpha-Boc-Nim-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)-L-histidine isopropyl alcohol solvate

Other Names: Boc-L-His(Dnp)-OH IPA

Catalog #: ABH110

CAS #: 25024-53-7

Formula: C17H19N5O8 · C3H8O

M.W.: 481.5








Boc-His(Dnp)-OH is one of the histidine derivative often utilized in Boc SPPS. It forms a stable slovate with isopropyl alcohol.  The Dnp group is not removed under acidic conditions, but is removed with nucleophiles such as thiophenol.  The Dnp containing byproducts formed when the protecting group is removed are highly colored and can cause the crude peptide to be yellow to orange.  Usually the Dnp group is removed before the peptide is cleaved from the resin.  This allows the highly colored byproducts to be easily separated from the peptide.

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