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Boc-Gln(Xan)-OH [55260-24-7]


Other Names: Boc-L-Gln(Xan)-OH

Catalog #: ABQ110

CAS #: 55260-24-7

Formula: C23H26N2O6

M.W.: 426.5






Boc-Gln(Xan)-OH is a glutamine derivative often utilized in Boc SPPS.  The xanthyl protecting group improves the solubility of the glutamine derivative and protects the amide group from dehydration during dicarbodiimide activation.  The xanthyl group is removed under acidic conditions.  When the Boc group is removed for the next coupling, the xanthyl group is also removed.  Since the sidechain protection is mainly required during activation and coupling of the glutamine residue, removal of the xanthyl group after the glutamine residue is coupled to the peptide is not improtant.  The dehydration side reaction can be prevented by preactivating the amino acids or by utilizing activating reagents other than carbodiimides.

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