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Boc-D-Phe-OH [18942-49-9]


Catalog #: ABF201

CAS #: 18942-49-9

Formula: C14H19NO4

M.W.: 265.3









Boc-D-Phe-OH is the D-phenylalanine derivative utilized in Boc SPPS.  Boc-D-Phe-OH is soluble in DCM, DMF, NMP and most other common solvents.  AAPPTec also offers a large variety of ring-substituted Boc-D-phenylalanine derivaties.

Products Similar to Boc-D-Phe-OH

Cat. #


Cat. #


ABF101 Boc-Phe-OH AFF101 Fmoc-Phe-OH
BMF102 Boc-MePhe-OH AFF191 Fmoc-Phe-OPfp
BMF101 Boc-MePhe-OH DCHA AFF201 Fmoc-D-Phe-OH
BMF201 Boc-D-MePhe-OH DCHA AFF291 Fmoc-D-Phe-OPfp
DBF101 Boc-Phenylalaninol MFF101 Fmoc-MePhe-OH
DBF201 Boc-D-Phenylalaninol MFF201 Fmoc-D-Phe-OH
UBG121 Boc-Phg-OH DFF101 Fmoc-Phenylalaninol
UBG201 Boc-D-Phg-OH UFG121 Fmoc-Phg-OH
MBU101 Boc-MePhg-OH UFG221 Fmoc-D-Phg-OH
MBU201 Boc-D-MePhg-OH UFF102 Fmoc-HPhe-OH
UBF103 Boc-beta-HPhe-OH UFF103 Fmoc-beta-HPhe-OH
UBF203 Boc-D-beta-HPhe-OH UFF203 Fmoc-D-beta-HPhe-OH
UFF158 Boc-Nva(5-Phenyl)-OH DCHA UFF158 Fmoc-Nva(5-Phenyl)-OH
UFF258 Boc-D-Nva(5-Phenyl)-OH DCHA UFF258 Fmoc-D-Nva(5-Phenyl)-OH
UBF160 Boc-Ala(styryl)-OH DCHA UFF160 Fmoc-Ala(Styryl)-OH
UBF260 Boc-D-Ala(Sytryl)-OH DCHA UFF260 Fmoc-D-Ala(Styryl)-OH
UBF104 Boc-1-Nal-OH UFF104 Fmoc-1-Nal-OH
UBF204 Boc-D-1-Nal-OH UFF204 Fmoc-D-1-Nal-OH
UBF105 Boc-2-Nal-OH UFF105 Fmoc-2-Nal-OH
UBF205 Boc-D-2-Nal-OH UFF205 Fmoc-D-2-Nal-OH
UBF106 Boc-2-Pal-OH UFF106 Fmoc-2-Pal-OH
UBF206 Boc-D-2-Pal-OH UFF206 Fmoc-D-2-Pal-OH
UBF107 Boc-3-Pal-OH UFF107 Fmoc-3-Pal-OH
UBF207 Boc-D-3-Pal-OH UFF207 Fmoc-D-3-Pal-OH HCl
UBF109 Boc-4-Pal-OH UFF109 Fmoc-4-Pal-OH
UBF209 Boc-D-Pal-OH UFF209 Fmoc-D-4-Pal-OH
UBF148 Boc-Ala(Furyl)-OH DCHA UFF148 Fmoc-Ala(Furyl)-OH
UBF248 Boc-D-Ala(Furyl)-OH DCHA UFF248 Fmoc-D-Ala(Furyl)
UBF150 Boc-2-Thi-OH UFF150 Fmoc-2-Thi-OH
UBF250 Boc-D-2-Thi-OH UFF250 Fmoc-D-2-Thi-OH
UBF137 Boc-3-Thi-OH DCHA UFF137 Fmoc-3-Thi-OH
UBF237 Boc-D-3-Thi-OH DCHA UFF237 Fmoc-3-Thi-OH
UFF128 Fmoc-Tic-OH
UFF228 Fmoc-D-Tic-OH

Substituted Phenylalanine