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Boc-Asn-OH [7536-55-2]


Catalog #: ABN101

CAS #: 7536-55-2

Formula: C9H16N2O5

M.W.: 232.2







Boc-Asn-OH is useful for preparing short  peptides or longer peptides where Asn residues occur near the N-terminal.  The amide function of the sidechain can undergo dehydration with carbodiimime reagents, resuling in a beta-cyano-alanine residue.  This can become a significant side product in larger peptides.  Temporary protection of the sidechain can minimize this side reaction as well as increase the solubility of the Boc-asparagine derivatives in SPOS solvents.

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AZQ101 Z-Gln-OH UFN101 Fmoc-beta-HAsn(Trt)-OH
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