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Boc-Ala-OH [15761-38-3]


Other Names: Boc-L-Ala-OH

Catalog #: ABA101

CAS #: 15761-38-3

Formula: C8H15NO4

MW: 189.2






Boc-L-alanine is the tert-butyloxycarbonyl protected derivative of naturally occuring L-alanine, the simplest chiral amino acid.  The methyl group that forms the alanine sidechain is small and non-reactive, thus alanine is seldom directly active in peptide bonding to receptors.  By replacing an amino acid in a peptide sequence with alanine and observing the activity of the resulting peptide, the importance of the replaced residue to the activity of the peptide can be determined.  A library of peptides in which alanine has been systematically substituted at each postion is called an alanine scan library.  Boc-Ala-OH can be used to prepare scan libraries for SAR studies to identify the residues within a peptide that are critical for the peptide's activity.   

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