6-Cl-HOBt, 1-Hydroxy-6-chloro-benzotriazole [26198-19-6]

Catalog # : CXZ096

CAS # : [26198-19-6]

Formula : C6H4ClN3O

Product Details


Molecular Weight: 169.57

6-Cl-HOBt is an alternative to HOBt. The chlorine atom attached to the ring increases the acidity and the effectiveness as a leaving group of 6-Cl-HOBt compared to HOBt. Like HOBt, 6-Cl-HOBt efficiently suppresses racemization during coupling. Cl-HOBt can be used in place of HOBt with equal or superior results.

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6-Cl-HOBt - 100g


6-Cl-HOBt - 500g


6-Cl-HOBt - 1kg