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Combinatorial technology, such as the Titan 357 by AAPPTec, has been facilitating the synthesis and screening of large molecular libraries containing millions of organic compounds ever since its introduction 40 years ago. It has changed the paradigms of pharmaceutical research from focusing on single compounds to focusing on immense collections of compounds. It inspired the development of dynamic combinatorial libraries, fragment-based drug discovery and virtual library screening. Combinatorial technology was revitalized by the development of DNA encoding. Amplification of DNA oligomers plus next-generation sequencing has made it possible to successfully screen billions of compounds in a single process.

AAPPTec’s Titan 357 Combinatorial Peptide Synthesizer remains the industry-leading automated version of the original split-mix manual synthesizer. The Titan 357 synthesizer is a powerful tool for drug discovery. It can prepare split-and-combine libraries containing millions of compounds for high throughput screening and lead discovery.

AAPPTec Titan 357 combinatorial peptide synthesizer

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