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Home » Neuromedin B is essential for signaling sneezing

In a paper published in Cell, researchers have shown that the peptide neuromedin B (NMB) is essential for signaling sneezing.  Mice deficient in NMB recptors and mice with NMB-sensitive neurons ablated in the sneeze-evoking region did not show the sneeze reflex.  Chemically activating NMB-sensitive neurons led to sneezing.

Sneezing reflex is mediated by a peptidergic pathway from nose to brainstem” E Li, H Jiang, X Shen, Z Chen, AJW Huang, Q Liu, Cell2021, in press.

Earlier, neuromedin B was shown to induce acute itch in mice and monkeys.  It induced itching by activating the peripheral sensory neurons.  Unlike gastrin-releasing peptide (GRP), which also induces itch, NMB does not involve mast cell degranulation.

“Neuromedin B Induces Acute Itch in Mice via the Activation of Peripheral Sensory Neurons” S Ehling, T Fukuyama, M-C Ko, T Olivry, W Baumer, Acta Derm. Venereol., 201999, 587-593.

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