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High performance solid phase peptide synthesis of long or difficult peptides may require the utilization of special coupling reagents for specific residues within the peptide sequence. The Focus XC Series of high performance peptide synthesizers have the capacity and operational flexibility to allow you to use special reagents for selected couplings. If your peptide sequence contains an arylglycine residue, you can use the low-racemization coupling reagent DEPBT to couple the racemization-prone arylglycine, then return to standard coupling reagents for the remainder of the synthesis, all automatically.
Focus XC high performance peptide synthesizer

The Focus XC series have the physical capacity to utilize special reagents. In the standard configuration, Focus XC Peptide Instruments have two 5-liter solvent/reagent bottles, one 2-liter solvent/reagent bottle, two 1-liter solvent/reagent bottles and twenty-four 90 mL reactant vessels that may be used for amino acid monomers and special reagents. Optional configurations can have 36 or 48 reactant vessels or other combinations of solvent/reagent bottles.

Optional deprotection monitoring with the heating and sonication options also contribute to the Focus XC peptide synthesizers’ high performance. With the automatic deprotection monitoring option, the Focus XC peptide instrument will not proceed to the next step until the current deprotection is completed, thus assuring higher yields and purer crude peptides even when couplings are slow. Sonication and heating increase reaction yields of difficult couplings. Focus XC peptide synthesizers apply heat and sonication only during specified steps in the peptide synthesis to prevent damaging side reactions to the peptide in synthesis.

Focus XC solid phase peptide synthesizers are versatile, low maintenance instruments that deliver high performance yet are small enough to fit on a laboratory benchtop. Their compact design assures accurate, efficient operation with minimum wastage.

Despite their sophisticated high performance, Focus XC series peptide synthesizers are easy to operate. Even novice users can begin preparing high quality peptides with very little training. Focus XC high performance peptide synthesizers are the instruments required for current and future advanced peptide synthesis.

Focus XC Series Peptide Synthesizers in Recent Literature

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